Is your organization preparing for its first submission? No doubt you have the building blocks in place for success. Now it’s time to work on the details that will enable the fastest time to market.


Improvement at Work is a consulting firm which supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies in their first NDA/MAA to FDA/EMA or other agencies. Our submission experts work as part of an integrated team with internal regulatory and project management teams, thinking through every detail to ensure organizational readiness.

Even the best teams need a helping hand.

Taking the fast track to your first submission involves advance planning and cross-functional coordination to ensure all the components are put in place without wasting any time. ImprovementatWork has the necessary expertise and experience to help ensure that individual plans are synchronized and optimized cross-functionally, in accordance with best practice. With our proprietary methodology, Excellenza, we add value by bringing focus to your submission process, highlighting the exact steps to guarantee success.

Like a Formula One pit crew, ImprovementatWork will ensure your submission is perfectly tuned, turning your race strategy into success.

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