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ImprovementatWork applies a proprietary methodology, Excellenza, which is tailored around the specific needs of your company

Who we are

ImprovementatWork is a consulting business which supports biotech and pharma businesses in their first NDA/MAA to FDA/EMA or other agencies. Our submission experts work as part of an integrated team with internal regulatory and project management teams, thinking through every detail to ensure organizational readiness for submission.

What we do

Even the best teams need a helping hand.
We combine soft skills with robust processes via our specific approach, Excellenza.

Knowledge amplification

Accelerate the learing process in the organization.

Efficiency engineering

In-depth experience with project mangagement and planning for submission.

Resource optimization

Gear-up for submission by assigning clear and new R&R and wheeling in additional experts where required

Embedded coaching

Cultural adaptation and team alignment from within

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“ImprovementatWork provided the jumpstart for sNDA planning that the team needed!

A senior Regulatory Affairs professional based in Massachusetts



“IAW’s level of planning and the granularity with which they programmed our activities was essential to our success. IAW was a pleasure to work with, and I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Martha Carter, Chief Regulatory Officer, Albireo Pharmaceuticals



“Johan and Anne-Marie provided peace of mind that someone was “minding the store,” so that I could stay focused on the content of the company’s first major marketing applications.”

A senior Regulatory Affairs professional based in Massachusetts



“They greatly enhanced our workflow and communications which allowed us to file a high quality, successful BLA and MAA ahead of schedule and much faster than industry norms.”

Mark Goldberg, former Executive Vice President for Medical and Regulatory affairs



“We hired ImprovementatWork to design and execute the BLA and MAA submission process for Bapineuzumab, the Alzheimer’s Disease mAB that Janssen developed jointly with Pfizer.”

Frederic Godderis, VP R&D Leadership / R&D Operations / Portfolio & Program Management

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Anne-Marie GEERTS
co-founder, Vice-President

co-founder, President

Senior Director Submission Process

Stephanie Santiago
Director Submission Process

Jamie Yedlin
Director Submission Process

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